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The Alternative To Glasses – Contact Lenses


Glasses are often the first choice when it comes to correcting a visual impairment. But despite the diversity and modern features, many customers are more and more often looking to contact lenses. Amongst the most important reasons are that flexible monthly and daily lenses from CooperVision or Acuvue are all but invisible and therefore don’t alter your outward appearance – unlike glasses. Besides which, contact lenses are significantly more practical in many situations and can correct almost all visual problems. Next to short and long-sightedness, presbyopia is one of the most often reasons for their use.

Although the acclimatisation period for rigid contact lenses usually requires more time than with conventional glasses, they offer significant advantages for everyday life: on the one hand they don’t steam up with changes in air moisture and temperature and on the other they avoid the risk of injury during exercise. Use our wide offer of daily, monthly and yearly contact lenses and order great value contact lenses like Focus Dailies easily and conveniently in the online shop.

Perfectly Suited : Contact Lenses For Individual Needs

Before you use contact lenses for the first time, you should make an appointment with a trusted optician or ophthalmologist. They can give you specialist advice as to whether this type of visual correction is suitable for you and whether your desired lenses match your needs. If you already wear glasses, an adaptation is necessary in any case as the strength of lenses in glasses isn’t necessarily equal to the strength of the appropriate contact lenses. Additional values like diameter, radius, cylinder, axis and addition must also be determined so your visual aids sit correctly on the eye. Following this, you will receive a prescription, a.k.a a „lens passport“ with your current measurements. Daily lenses from well-known brands like Air Optix or Dailies are suitable in the beginning. With these you can decide spontaneously when you want to wear lenses and can get better at dealing with the daily insertion and removal of your contact lenses.

Order Big Eyes and Fund Lenses Online

Are you not satisfied with your eye colour or would like to change it for the next theme party? Then use our extraordinary lenses without diopters. Available in natural colour tones like brown, blue and green, they are the perfect everyday accessory, whereas creative fun lenses in black, yellow, purple or white guarantee the full attention of everyone around you. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse options of our coloured contact lenses and order the crowning glory for your dragon, vampire or cat costume. If you want your eyes to benefit not only from the colour effect, but also appear larger, the 15mm Big Eyes lenses are right for you.

Who are Contact Lenses Suitable For?

Normally, contact lenses regulate long and short-sightedness of +12 to -12 diopters. Moreover, toric lenses like the Acuvue Oasys can be used to directly balance corneal curvatures. As a practical alternative to glasses, people in certain professions, such as cooks, athletes, sailors and actors can benefit from the possibilities of small lenses. On the one hand, they don’t steam up with changes in air moisture or temperature and on the other, they always give clear, lateral sight. Contact lenses with UV protection are recommended for summer in order to protect sensitive eyes from the sun’s rays. Wearers of sunglasses will also benefit in this season from the small visual aids, as they don’t need prescription sunglasses and can wear them according to need.

What Accessories do I need?

If you decide on our great value daily lenses, you don’t need to think about cleaning and maintenance since these contact lenses are simply thrown away after one wear. If you don’t want to have to take out your lenses every day, we recommend weekly or monthly lenses, which on average only need to be cleaned/replaced one a week. Special lens cases with left/right symbols are crucial for storage. Then you can’t mix up your lenses – particularly important if you have different prescriptions. You should use a sterile cooking salt solution to clean the contact lenses before putting them in and after removal. This removes deposits and minimises the growth of bacteria. An all-in-one solution from our shop however is perfect for lens storage, for example those from Biotrue or Bausch & Lomb.

Lenght of Wearing and Care of Contact Lenses

With both rigid and soft lenses the eyes need a break after a certain length of time wearing them. This is due to the permanent correction of visual impairment and also to the restricted oxygen supply during wear. Depending on the product, you shouldn’t exceed the producer recommended maximum wearing time. With daily lenses this is usually twelve hours, with special monthly lenses possibly up to a week. Yearly lenses however should always be taken out before bed in order to guarantee their durability. Clean your contact lenses after every wear, and especially when they’ve been sitting in the storage solution for a long time and you want to put the lenses in. Don’t use the same solution for any longer than two to seven days, as bacteria can then multiply quickly and damage the eyes during wear.

Travelling with Contact Lenses

When preparing for a holiday, there are only a few things you need to remember if you want to take your contact lenses with you. Long flights can have a negative impact on the moisture of the cornea, as the air moisture is often very low due to the air conditioning. Find relief with special eye drops or gels like the Biotrue products in our shop. KEEP your contact lens cases and the cleaning solution ideally in hand luggage so you can take out the lenses if needed. Replacement glasses are also recommended. If you’re planning on a holiday by the pool, it’s best to use cheap daily lenses for swimming in the pool or the sea. These can be thrown away after swimming and you therefore avoid contaminating your eyes with salt or chlorinated water. Simply browse our range and order our great value contact lenses online.

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